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Misión Putumayo

Misión jurídico educativa por diferentes poblaciones fronterizas con Colombia.

Trabajo en red

Trabajo interinstitucional con organizaciones internacionales y agentes locales.

Exposición SJR

Exposición Grupo de Mujeres RENACER

The Project

The reality of humanitarian workers is particularly hard and complicated. Without a doubt, working in the field is marked by an enormous vocation, as it determines all aspects of life: family, social, economic, emotional…

All those who agree to dedicate their lives to working and living in highly stressful environments experience first-hand the sacrifices, dedication, and efforts required by the profession and the humanitarian world.

My familiarity with and knowledge of the mixed feelings that can be felt in the field is because I was a development worker in Latin America, specifically in Ecuador. During this time, I faced situations that, on more than one occasion, overwhelmed me, pushing my coping skills and personal tools to the limit.

Despite this, I stayed in Latin America for almost 3 years of my life, living in different countries, learning about their people, their culture, and their way of living and understanding reality.

As a development worker and migrant, my experiences have allowed me to understand the many difficulties that a person faces in these realities: loneliness, anxiety, Ulysses syndrome, burnout, insecurity, instability,… 

Psicólogos en Toledo

Today, many friends are still working in the wonderful and demanding world of international and humanitarian cooperation. That is why this project aims to care for and accompany all those professionals who want to find a balance between their professional passion and their psychological well-being.

If you want to start taking care of yourself and have a safe space where you can ‘let go’ to move forward, please contact us without any obligation, so that we can get to know you and offer you more information about your therapeutic process.

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