Psychological therapy services

Integria Psychology offers psychological care in person in Fuengirolavarious locations in the city of Málaga as well as online. All aim to facilitate access to mental health, as geographical or timetable restrictions should not impede starting your therapeutic process.


Individualised therapies in:







Self esteem and Attachment

Personal Development



Migrants and Expats

Online Therapy

Online therapy is governed by the same codes of ethics, ethics, privacy, and professionalism as face-to-face therapy. Both the assessment and intervention are carried out in the same way as if the patient came to the consultation room and, in the case of having to use any material (self-register, questionnaires, etc.), this is sent in real-time.

A common concern in online counseling is the physical distance between therapist and patient, for fear that this may affect the therapeutic bond. However, online therapies allow us to establish alliances and bonds that are perfectly close and secure, achieving the established therapeutic objectives.  

If you have doubts about the effectiveness of online interventions, many professionals in Europe have been working online for more than 10 years and have demonstrated their effectiveness in addressing multiple needs and problems.

If you want to start your treatment online, you will only need:

– A computer 
– A stable internet connection
– A quiet, comfortable, well-lit, and silent place

We work with Psypocket video call software, endorsed and recommended by the General Council of Psychology in Spain, which guarantees encryption and data protection. 

Psychological Attention to Humanitarian Personal and Third Sector Employees

Integria Psychology also offers a special psychological care service to all humanitarian personnel deployed in the field under the project 'Your psychologist in the field' as well as to third sector workers.

This initiative arises from the need that all people working in the social sector, whether they are psychologists, social workers, technicians, or coordinators, may encounter in their work. 

The third sector is characterized by its humanity and vocation, but at the same time by high levels of stress and emergencies, which is why it is easy for burnout to appear.

Our team has psychologists who have worked both in the field and in NGOs, knowing the realities of these worlds as well as the difficulties and care needs that arise from them.

What we don't treat?

Although our therapeutic approach tries to avoid clinical diagnoses and the pathologization of mental health, at Integria Psychology we do not treat cases of Addiction; Eating Disorders; Neurocognitive Disorders, or people at Risk of Suicide.

If you feel you may be experiencing any of the above problems, please contact us and we will try to provide you with information about professionals in your area or other mental health resources available.

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